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Scheduling regular checkups and cleanings is essential for preventing gum disease and tooth decay. To avoid sudden dental pain and unexpected expenses, it is recommended to plan your cleaning and checkup appointments every 6 to 8 months.
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Maintain optimal oral health by taking care of your teeth and gums

Making routine teeth cleaning and checkups a priority is crucial for preserving overall oral health, encompassing not just your teeth but also your gums and the entire mouth, both inside and out. This essential practice involves removing plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria, which are the main culprits behind tooth decay, gum disease, and persistent bad breath. Unlike regular brushing and flossing at home, a professional hygienist can access hard-to-reach areas for a more thorough cleaning.

By undergoing a comprehensive cleaning and examination, the hygienist and dentist can closely monitor your oral health and identify issues that can be resolved or prevented before they escalate into painful and costly problems. Additionally, regular teeth cleaning contributes to naturally whiter and brighter teeth without the need for bleaching treatments. Embracing these regular checkups ensures not just a healthy smile but also overall well-being.

Regular dental cleanings offer several benefits, including:

  • Eliminating plaque, a sticky substance containing bacteria that can harm your enamel.
  • Removing tartar build-up, which can lead to gum disease if left untreated.
  • Getting rid of stains from coffee, tea, or other sources, restoring the natural whiteness of your teeth.
  • Checking for signs of receding gums, chipped or broken teeth, and other indications of disease or infection.

Teeth Cleaning: What to Expect

Gum Health

Your gums play a crucial but often overlooked role. They provide vital support to your teeth and give shape to your smile. During our examination, we’ll thoroughly assess your tongue, gums, teeth, and all aspects of your oral cavity, with particular attention to the gum line. Our primary goal is to ensure the utmost health of your entire mouth, free from any signs of inflammation or potential gum disease. Don’t worry; we won’t be too tough on you regarding your flossing habits!

Plaque & Tartar Removal

Plaque, a soft and sticky film, tends to accumulate on your teeth. Without regular and thorough brushing, flossing, and professional care, it can solidify into stubborn tartar deposits. Tartar often appears darker in colour and tends to form in hard-to-reach areas like the gumline. Our skilled hygienists possess the necessary tools and expertise to delicately remove both plaque and tartar from these tricky spots. Once that’s taken care of, we’ll polish your teeth to eliminate stains and leave them with a sparkling shine.

Dentist Exam

Following your teeth cleaning, it’s an ideal moment to undergo a thorough examination by your dentist. They will carefully review your dental chart and x-rays, pinpointing any problematic areas or recurring issues. Based on their assessment, the dentist might suggest additional treatments or provide valuable advice on how to mitigate or reverse tooth decay, inflammation, or gum disease. We’re here to address any questions you may have and listen attentively to any discomfort, sensitivity, or dental pain you may have encountered. Your dental health is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you receive the best care possible.

Cost Of Teeth Cleaning

Regular checkups and cleanings are highly effective in preventing dental problems, and many insurance companies offer nearly full coverage for these procedures on a routine basis, typically every 6 months. If you don’t have dental insurance, the cost can range from $120 to $300 or more, particularly if it’s your first visit or the first cleaning in a long time. Investing in these preventive measures is a wise choice to maintain good oral health and potentially save on more extensive and expensive dental treatments in the future.

To calculate the precise cost of your treatment, we consider several crucial factors, including:
  1. Your current oral health condition.
  2. The necessity for any new x-rays, if required.
  3. The amount of time the dental team will dedicate to fulfilling your individual requirements.
  4. The equipment and supplies essential to meet all your dental needs.

We place great importance on these routine appointments as they represent the most effective means of preventing more invasive treatments, avoiding significant dental discomfort, and ensuring your utmost happiness and health. Our goal is to provide you with proactive care that minimizes the risk of dental issues and promotes your overall well-being. Your satisfaction and oral health are our top priorities, and these regular checkups play a pivotal role in achieving that.

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Your consultation will include an examination of everything from your teeth, gums and soft tissues to the shape and condition of your bite. Generally, we want to see how your whole mouth looks and functions. Before we plan your treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetic of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so we can help you get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental professionals generally recommend getting your teeth cleaned every six months. However, the frequency may vary based on individual oral health needs. Some individuals with specific dental conditions may require more frequent cleanings, while others with excellent oral health may benefit from less frequent visits.

Teeth cleaning is typically not painful, and most people find it to be a comfortable and straightforward procedure. Dental hygienists use specialized tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth gently. If you experience any discomfort or sensitivity during the cleaning, do not hesitate to inform your dental hygienist so they can adjust their technique accordingly.

Yes, teeth cleaning plays a crucial role in preventing gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is primarily caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar along the gumline. Regular cleanings help to remove these harmful substances, reducing the risk of gum inflammation and infection.

In most cases, dental insurance covers the cost of routine teeth cleanings. Many insurance plans include preventive services like cleanings as part of their coverage. However, the extent of coverage may vary depending on your specific insurance policy. It is advisable to check with your dental insurance provider to understand the details of your coverage and any potential out-of-pocket costs.

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I had been always nervous agoing to see a dentist in Canada although I had insurance as I was feeling much more comfortable having treatment from dentists in my country when I go back for a visit.
However, I won't worry about it at all from now on! Literally, a minute after you enter this clinic, you'll feel like you're at home.
Personal & professional care from Dr.Ken and exceptional kindness from staff will even make you forget that you are actually in a dental clinic! ^^
After minutes of relaxing time, you'll get your healthy & shiny teeth

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As a new patient of Charm Dental, I became immediately aware of the team's care and professionalism (with meticulous attention to detail) they provide to their patients. Moreover, they diligently answered all of my questions and shared insightful knowledge in return. Their premises remain pristine, modern and technologically well equipped. Overall, a very positive and favourable experience. I highly recommend the services of Charm Dental. Thank you!

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